I am a very open and accepting guy from Colorado, looking to make friends and meet people from all sorts of different backgrounds. I like to think of myself as a self proclaimed activist. My blog will highlight my various obsessions... but mostly Rupaul's Drag Race, and just the art of drag in general. If we share some of those obsessions follow me! Like my blog, I'm scattered, I'm a free spirit, I'm gay, I love to have a good time, I'm Donovan.





can she just get an award or something

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So many directions she could have gone with this joke…out of infinite possibilities…she picked the best possible direction.

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The ultimate problem that many drag performers have is going out into the dating world and finding someone who understands why you do drag and will still find you attractive after finding out that you are a drag queen. Last night for the first time ever I hung out with a guy who met me as a queen first but didn’t have some weird sexual fantasy about me as a queen. He also is interested in me as Donovan, not just Donatella. It was refreshing, he was so sweet and I can sense that something good is going to come from this. I’m happy :)

After watching both leaked episodes of RPDR I’m pretty happy with the results of tonight’s episodes. ;)

What a huge weekend it was for me. I competed in the Western Rockies Shining Star Pageant, my first pageant ever and took home the crown! I am so happy that I got to have this experience. It was truly amazing. Above are pictures of my theme wear (fairytale themed), evening wear, and talent (Roses Turn- Bette Midler)  


Adore’s reaction when Gia said she’s sensitive, hahahaha


Adore’s reaction when Gia said she’s sensitive, hahahaha

no, I wasn’t lying
when I told you I am going to be more difficult
than anyone you’ve ever dated
it has been years
since my life was a picnic
where I wasn’t freaking out about the possible gluten allergies
of the pigeons being fed bread in the park
but you will always feel safe
in knowing I will never make a piñata of your heart
you will never have to lose yourself to win me over

Andrea Gibson (via rarararambles)

Drag Queens have the best description for their looks..


..they’re like “I’m giving you Beyoncé in 1984, on the beach, eating ice cream, during a thunderstorm.” And it’s so convincing, I’ll be like “I see that!”